How to Execute Proper Roof Gardening Maintenance and Avoid Costly Gardening Services Adelaide

There’s nothing more attractive than having a green roof. What we’re referring to is having gardens planted atop your house, office building, and many other structures. Roof gardening adds another element of aesthetics to your property. It can also offer a whole slew of environmentally friendly benefits. It creates a protective layer that not only lowers your energy costs but also makes sure that your roof lasts longer. But before you can achieve that, you need to make sure that your roof garden is well-maintained. You don’t even have to contact costly roof gardening services Adelaide. All you need is to follow these tips below:

Feeding and Watering Your Plants

A green roof is similar to a giant container garden that’s planted in a relatively shallow layer of soil to reduce the overall weight on the roof. Because of the limited amount of nutrients available in the garden soil, you must apply a slow-release fertiliser. Once you’ve established plantings, your rooftop garden may not require water apart from the natural precipitation of the outside.

On the other hand, intensive green roofs usually need an additional water supply. The best way to provide consistent water to this type of garden if by adding a roof irrigation system. It has added benefits of increasing evaporative cooling capabilities. You can even supplement this with hand spraying from time to time.


Weeding and Trimming

While they may be less susceptible to weeds than their earthbound counterparts, roof plants will still require regular weeding during its early stages. This process will gradually reduce in regularity as your plants mature. To minimise spreading, make sure you remove the weeds before they go to seed. Also, the thing layer of soil will encourage horizontal growth rather than vertical. That way, you won’t need to add regular mowing to your roof gardening duties. However, you will need some proper pruning and clippings to keep the plantings healthy and attractive. Contact your local gardening services. You must add for more information.


Roof Membrane

Of course, when we add a roof garden to our property, we need to make sure that we have a waterproofing membrane on our roof. This component will protect the material and the building underneath, making sure that it doesn’t succumb to moisture, water damage, or wear and tear. You must add this first before you even think about your actual garden. Once you’ve installed a roof membrane, start testing it for leaks. You can do so by flooding it with water before planting. There are minimise membrane materials available in the market. You can ask your local gardening services Adelaide experts for some recommendations.


Follow these tips, and you’ll never have to hire your local landscaping services for garden maintenance. Subscribe to our newsletter for more gardening news and updates.